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[26 Feb 2023|06:14pm]
IC CONTACT - Texts, Email, Voicemail, Tweets, etc
OOC CONTACT - Scene requests, Questions, Comments, Drop Box, etc. 
Third person story book preferred.
Random scenes okay
Adult scenes okay
Comments screened for privacy.

AU [01 Dec 2018|07:41pm]
The story is about the same, minus a few things and a little rearranging in things.

- Thanos never meets up with Thor and Loki at the start of the film. Loki never dies.
- They are all in New York when the first attack goes down and everyone goes into action, Valkery is left in charge of his people as Thor and Loki work together to help out everyone.
- They meet Thanos on earth for the first time during said attack, he lost his hammer and Loki the stone.
- He and Loki ended up on the ship that Tony and Peter are locked in on the outside, when entering space, they fall off and meet the GOTG crew.
- Everything else falls into place, only adding Loki actually helping his brother the whole time.
-ONLY AT THE END when the snap happens, Thor fades away.

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